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What it's about

Welcome to webnotes.co.uk!  Here you can enter your nature observations in free text format,
for example:
Holme 14:20 - 16:40

Collared Dove
Jackdaws in tree by church
Robin heard singing
probable Long-tailed Tit heard calling
* male Marsh Harrier over Redwell Marsh
or using abbreviations
of your own choosing
for example:
Holme 14:20 - 16:40

jds in tree by church
rob hs
prob ltt hc
* male mha over rwm
• And your abbreviations will be expanded and you will
   see your notes in a neat, colourful and clickable form:

• You will also be able to search your notes by date, place and species - click here to try this feature with current users' data. (To come back to these instructions afterwards, use the 'back' button or click on the 'Help' link on the left-hand side.)

• You will be able to make lists for any date range and place - for example, your UK year list, or Cley life list.  Click here to try this feature with current users' observations.

How to start

(Following some of these instructions may take you away from this page - to come back, just use the 'back' button or click on the 'Help' link on the left-hand side.)

1. Create your account by clicking in the 'Register' link on the top right.  You'll need the 'current invitation key', which you can get from any current user.

2. Enter some places that you intend to visit - this is called 'configuration':
2.1 Click on the 'Configure' link which you can see on the left-hand side when you are logged in.
2.2 Click on 'Create new config'
2.3 Enter a name for your config file in the 'Name:' box, for example 'stephens-config'
2.4 In the main text area, enter the first line below ("type Place contextual") followed by some places you intend to visit. Use indentation to indicate which places are 'in' other other places, and the '=' sign to indicate synonyms. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you like - you always can come back and add more places later:

type Place contextual

Western Palearctic
    Bedfordshire = Beds.
        The Lodge
      North Norfolk Coast
        Cley area = Cley
          Cley Coastguards = Cley CG
          Cley Marshes
          Cley village

2.5 As often as you want, click on 'Save config' to save your config file. (If you get any errors you don't understand, please contact Stephen.)
2.6 You can also configure abbreviations in the same file, using '->' (a hyphen followed by the 'greater than' symbol) as follows:
bb(s) -> Blackbird(s)
ccg -> Cley Coastguards
These lines don't need to be indented.

3. You're now ready to enter some nature notes!
3.1 Click on the 'Enter notes' link which you can see on the left-hand side when you're logged in.
3.2 Click on the date for which you want to enter notes.
3.3 Alongside the prompt 'Configuration used:' at the top, select 'shared-birds-uk' then the config file you created in step 2.
3.4 In the main text area, enter your notes. You can type anything you want - that's why it's called free text! You might want to include one or more of the places you've configured, however. You can also use your abbreviations.
3.5 As often as you want, click on 'Save notes' to see what the notes look like when processed. You can then click on the 'Edit notes' button at the bottom of the page to come back to the raw text form and add more text, or change what you've already written.

That's it! You can now search your notes, make lists, enter more notes, add to your config file, and create more config files.  Have fun!